Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Jewelry

This is some jewelry I did a couple months back. I was planning on selling it but nah. I'll just be swapping it over at craftster.
A blue wire wrapped pendant.

Dark Blue bracelet and earring set.

simple light brown bracelet.

heart earrings (took the hearts from some matching charms I had).light green earrings got the idea from here.

purple earrings same as top ones ... These are going to be sent to a new home next week.

light green necklace.

purple earrings.

red earrings same as above, and the idea came from somewhere in this site.

pink bracelet this one I made yesterday not on craftster yet.
Red Bracelet same as top one.

"Rainbow Bracelet" same as two top ones. These were my idea.
"Rainbow Earrings" These are going to a new home too.
Aaaand finally a blue pair of earrings.

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