Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Package Arrived!!! ::UPDATE::

So yeah my swap package arrived yesterday afternoon! I was so excited!We were going out and my boyfriend was like "your stuff is here" and I was like "How do you know?" and I turned around and the mailman was walking from the house next door with my box in one hand! So i opened it right away and inside came my lovely crocheted hat like this one and the little surprise Girlbot made for my daughter which was a very cute crocheted turtle. I'm actually wearing my hat right now it keeps my ears so warm. So anyways I'll stop talking now and go on to the pictures.......

That's my hat (that's my monkey's hand in the way) The pompom on top is removable but I like it with it on.

This is the turtle Girlbot made for my daughter
front view

Side view

Top view

Bottom view
"Help! i can't get up!"

I sent her this stuff
She asked for the Rainbow Earrings and the pink ones and I send her the bracelet too

My Rainbow earrings

Pink earrings

Rainbow Bracelet
I also sent her a Zipper brooch like this one but I forgot to take a picture of that one Duh

Mine has pointy petals and I didn't make it like that one I just got the idea and did my own thing after that. I looked at her wists and she had it in there so I made it for her. Hopefully she can take a picture of it for me so I can post it.

Here's the stuff I sent her and there's the brooch I made.

I think that's it . Thanks.

Adriana M.

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