Monday, February 26, 2007


So my mom came down this weekend she got here on Thursday and she just left a while ago. So everytime my mom comes me and my sister always go out together so on Saturday we got the kids ready and the strollers and we headed downtown which is really close to where we live so we went walking. we wanted to go look at some clothes so we stopped there first and we bought some shirts and then we stopped by this store where they sell jewelry, bags, shoes, and in the back they have fabric. The last time I went with Oscar and everything was really expensive but this time everything was like for a dollar something cause they were trying to get rid of some fabric so my sister found this really beautiful fabric for 99 cents a yard she was gonna buy it for her but she let me take it so I bought it, it was only 2 yards so I took it. But the problem is I don't know what to do with it I was thinking maybe a dress like this one or this one I don't know it's that really stretchy fabric I don't know what it's called. Here's some pictures of it.

far away shot


And guess what. Oscar finally bought me a new digi cam!! yay!! I finally retired the old one that didn't work. I love this one. So just for the fun of it I'll show you a picture of Dani with some butterfly antennaes that my sister made last halloween to go with her butterfly outfit. Isn't she so cute.

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