Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is a Happy/Sad face pillow I made for Daniela. I had already made one when I was in school but we had to hand sew it (no sewing machine) it came apart :( So I made another one! I made it like two days ago but my camera didn't have batteries and I just bought them yesterday....Here it is.

Happy face side (it kinda looks scary)

Sad face side

It came out smaller than the first one I made but The biggest circle I had to trace was a plate so it is kind of small I still like it and Dani does too so that's what matters. And instead of sewing it and then turning it inside out I just sewed around the outside. The face is made with felt. Here's the old one.

Happy side (it looks like that because I used the stuffing for the new one) can you see the hole on top.

Sad side see the crappy materials they gave us at school you can't even see the eyes because they're from the same white fabric (they ran out of felt) You can kind of see the hole on the bottom on this pic.

And here are both of them for size comparison. See the difference!

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