Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dani's First Boo Boo

Ok so earlier we were in the living room and Dani was running around like crazy as always and she fell and got a boo boo. Why? Because the tile in our living room is broken. I mean we have a carpet there but one of the tiles was sticking out and she tripped and fell on it. So she got up slowly, looked at me, started crying Crying 1 and came running to me and I picked her up and I rubbed her knee and It felt wet and Oscar on the other couch was like "Babe! She's bleeding" and I look at my hand and I had blood all over it! So I told Oscar "Go bring me a band-aid!" and she was still crying but after a while she was like nothing happenned making a big mess for mommy to pick up.

From far away bringing me her favorite book so I could read it to her ( see the mess)

close-up of boo boo

This is how Dani's boo boo looked like when I took the band-aid off.

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